lang gewacht, nooit verwacht, maar toch gekregen...

This is called the Wu Zang (five organ) meditation for energetic protection
The yellow emperor classic said that all doctors should do this before treating any patient of any kind and before entering the treatment room
It surrounds you with a strong field of protective energy (wei qi)
It focuses on the six directions
Front, back, left, right, up, down
Or south, north, east, west, heaven and earth.
Its purpose is to extend each of the 5 organs energy far into the horizon to gather chi

Focus on the center of your body (about 3-4 cm below the navel) and then imagine opening up the top of your head
Start pulling chi from the heavens in thru the top of your head
Imagine it as bright shining divine light from the heavens filling your body and saturating it
Feel the body radiating this divine white light energy
Eventually when done more often the body will supersaturate and glow.

Now imagine this energy beginning to coalesce in the center core of your body that extends from the perineum to the top of the head. (if you sit straight this is a line/tube in front of your spine)
Forms an energetic tube of heavenly energy. This center core will begin to vibrate and resonate with the divine white light energy

Now imagine a golden yellow mist of chi arising out of the center of the earth and filling your body
As it fills your body it connects with your spleen and makes the spleen glow with golden yellow energy
Next feel this golden light earth energy swirl and envelop the center core of the white light divine energy. Merging together and synergizing
This represents the energy of your Intention to root and stabilize your power.

Now begin to focus on your heart.
Feel two whirlpools, a golden one enveloping the earth and directed in front of the spine, and another silvery white one from heaven down.
They form a kind of apple shape formed around a central tube just in front and along the spine.
Shape and widen the core so it is as wide as your hips, to amplify the amount you are running.

Now focusing on the heart and imagine a portal or gateway opening.
Then imagine the chi flowing of your heart like a red swirling wind in front of you. Full of power.
The red energy is the phoenix which represents your innate spirit, alive, graceful, yet powerful. The firebird protects you with your Spirit and fire

Now focus your attention to your lower back, the kidney area
Imagine a portal opening and the chi flowing out of your back like water.
Out of this water grows an enormous dark blue turtle whose shell protects you like a mighty shield .
Its shell is like it is on your back, for positioning purposes though. It will be behind you but not directly on your back. The looking is like eyes in the back of your head
This is the energy of your will power and the essence and will power of all your ancestors backing and supporting you

Focus on the lungs and visualize a portal opening on the right side of your body under the right ribs.
Imagine the lung chi flowing out to the right side of your body like steam, forming a white tiger as strong as steel.
This is your body's animal nature. It guards and protects you. with an animal passion for survival.

Focus on the liver and visualize a portal opening on the left side of your body, under the left ribs.
Imagine your liver chi flowing out of the left side of your body like steam forming a green dragon. Resilient and as sinewy as bamboo
This represents the body's divine nature. Guarding and protecting you with a spiritual passion for victory.

Each animal begins to rotate to the left. Protecting, stalking and defending the previous animals position.
Slowly begin to circle these energies counterclockwise and begin to increase their speed. Like a mighty wind around your body
The wind circulates around you faster and faster. Blending the colors into a rainbow of an energy bubble or into one big tube with mother of pearl color
(You can have the sensation that the turtle rolls around and jumps, the dragon extends and shortens... phoenix flies like an arrow, and the tigress runs, jumps and walks, but tends to fly too)
After you have your protective bubble around your body. Draw all the energies in thru the top of your head pulling it in now. Then return the energy of each color back to its original organ.
red to the heart.
dark blue to the kidneys
white to the lungs
green back to the liver
As the color flows back to each organ imagine that steam (white light) flowing out of the pores and filling up the energy bubble created by the animal rotation
(here you can see all kinds of little phoenixes, tigers, turtles and dragons.. hundreds of them.. )
This forms a solid connection between the body's internal organs and the body's external energy field.
Energy seems to keep on looping around, from the organ into the bubble, via the crown back into the organ and back again.

Imagine over your head a sprinkling of light, like stars...the Big Dipper and zoom in on the North Star. ( Can happen that you feel that the star becomes immensely large like a blanket spread over the horizon, shiny silvery white, which makes sense as it lies aligned with the earth's axis in the middle of the corona. )
Using your imagination you've just connected with the North Star and the result of your meditation is 'stored'. So now you should be able to call on the organ protection energy any time you need it instantly.