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Free interpretation of http://camelcase.blogspot.com/2008/08/fluxology-new-web-site.html:

Since early 2008 Maurizio Turatti and i have been working together via my company The Fluxology Office s.r.l..
Being far too busy with customer's projects and day by day activities, we weren't able to dedicate enough time to create at least a decent presentation web page for the company.
Putting the much needed C of communication back in ICT, here we are.

The website will be enhanced soon with descriptions of the more challenging projects we've been involved with, and our experiences with JavaCAPS will gradually full up our blogs.
We are very excited about the new Sun technologies, the openness shown by the Product Management group around JavaCAPS and the whole of JES, but we are also very aware to address business needs, methodologies and how a long term strategy solidifies into part-projects. Projects stand or fail by the style of it's approach. SUN is gaining a large momentum around consolidating their software and supporting it, and the technological direction of JavaCAPS and related technologies can count on our vote. Of course, the question arises, where do you go for expertise to get the most out of this immensely flexible toolset as well as avoiding any pitfalls. That is why Maurizio and I are working long days to set up a network of business partners and harvest the (dog)years of our practical experience with Java, Open Source, Integration Solutions and what can be done when putting everything together.
SOA, BPM, BAM, ESB, these are all nice buzzwords, but only just part of a new movement. In our experience the act of integrating applications has emerged from the realm of middleware and can now only be seen as totalware, it is not just merely about linking applications together, these applications get submerged into a new system built with an integration toolset. This area is both as old as the term 'Information Technology' and so young we see customers and even SUN struggling to comprehend the business possibilities and the long term impact.
Apart from enabling expert level consultancy, we are therefor working on several designs hooking into and around the JavaCAPS toolset which we are aiming to move into reality during the coming years, exploiting our close connections with JavaCAPS Product Management.
The game has just began.

Prabuh made a great presentation on the new features and some of what lies ahead for JavaCAPS 6 and beyond.

Finally, after some 6 years waiting there is another Horizons event in Munich - Germany.
We expect you there.


Unknown said...

Uhm, it seems that the EMEA Horizons will happen the last week of the Oktoberfest, I wonder if this is just a coincidence... :-D

kukan said...

Better start practicing with some Belgium beers than.. Now, to spend an Oktoberfest with an international mix of JavaCAPS freaks. Damn close to heaven... :-)