Fluxology Alliance

Sun founder Bill Joy is attributed to have said "most of the smart people work at some other company." When Sun Microsystems was founded, it was thoroughly understood Sun would live or die with it's partner network and as such set on to become a very partner-centric company.
By any standard, and even more so the American as we know it from afar, such a non-hierarchical, open and collaborative approach is unique. Sun Microsystems was open before Open Source became a popular concept.
Come and go the dot-com bubble , Sun is still very much about openness, however painful that may be with everyone else being an expert on economics and technology after reading some blogs and buying some stock options..

Given a choice, if you're a bit of a geek, a freak or just a workaholic, how would you make your work more interesting? You try to work on something challenging with really smart people.. Such people aren't only rare, but they are usually caught up in something else, they are individuals with their own plans, and often a high sense of freedom and drive to accomplish something. Now.. how to work together. Well, one way is to have a company such as Applied Minds, but still then you're trying to hire people who are hardcore individualists. Might work in the US due it's different labour ethos, but unmanageable in Europe..
A consortium of some sorts should do, a way to facilitate working with smart folk while acknowledging their individuality and personal agenda. A global non-equity strategic alliance, an open joint venture, proved the appropriate format.

So, that's that. During nearly two years of contacted people and companies with certain characteristics, experience, expertise, hard and soft skills, we now have launched a partner network around Sun's software stack.
Starting around the SOA/BI offerings, and extending into Identity Management and beyond, we're also getting involved with the Cloud offerings as far as Sun's offerings goes. Adding even more value we have streamlined and prepared certain specific technology partnerships, so to stretch current technological means beyond the average and pave a pathway into the future towards "the adjacent possible" in both business relations and information technology

Currently referred to under the nomer of "Fluxology Alliance" for the sake of simplicity, once reaching the critical mass of required momentum, proven cohesion, and adequate harvest of the intrinsic quality levels, every participant is free to represent the network and spread the cooperation further in the areas of joint delivery, sales, training and solution development.

Along with the partner networks, "unit 42" and "n-simplex alliance", Fluxology offers open-ended and packaged services, training, solutions, frameworks and technologies to take OpenESB to the next level. Our global partner network of senior experts currently involves some 135 senior experts ranging from 1 to 16 years of experience with the Sun/SeeBeyond toolsets, projects, architectural styles and management approach.
Our extended network, as well as a recently started "partner-of-a-partner" modality can leverage unequaled value in any direction.

We're very happy to announce the launch of this partner network.
These go to eleven...

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